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Homeless Garden Project

2019 CSA Share - Pick Up


Why not treat your family to delicious, organic produce?  

The 2019 CSA harvest season runs 23-weeks from May 24, 2019 through October 25, 2019. Pick up a weekly basket of organic vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit grown by trainees, staff and volunteers at the Homeless Garden Project organic farm. Each share will feed approximately 4 adults and includes a bouquet of flowers.

"Pick-up" shares are picked up on Fridays, from 2:30 - 6:00 PM at our Natural Bridges Farm.

Order Now and take advantage of our Early Bird Pricing!*

> Pick-up CSA Share:  $600*

Add our Fall Extension for 4 additional weeks of Pick-up shares! Runs from November 1st - 22nd.

> Pick-up CSA Share + 4 week extension: $710*

*Early Bird Pricing Lasts until 4/1. Order now to enjoy our special rate.

Membership Commitment - I fully understand this commitment.  As an HGP CSA member, I agree to pay my share price in full, according to the payment plan I have signed up for.  In return, HGP will provide me with freshly harvested seasonal produce for 23 weeks.  I assume responsibility to collect my share on the specified day and recognize the season's weather will determine the produce I receive.  Thank you!  We are extremely grateful to you for your direct participation in our program and for helping to fulfill our mission.

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