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Homeless Garden Project

2020 CSA Scholarship Fund: Feed 2 Birds Initiative

Partner with us to make local and organic produce accessible to low-income people in our community! 
Your donation will support HGP's training and employment programs AND provides fresh organic produce to community members who need it the most. Feed 2 Birds is in partnership with ten non-profit agencies providing over 7,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to our neighbors facing challenges such as domestic violence, illness, low-income children and foster youth transitioning to adulthood.
"Last year I was homeless and living in my car. But there was always a place I could go to that had healthy food. That was Transition Age Youth (TAY) Resource Center. TAY receives fresh fruit and veggies from the Homeless Garden Project. Knowing that TAY had healthy food prepared was a great relief for me. I knew my kids would have the right nutrients and delicious food to eat." -- Alicia (Pictured to the left)
Here’s how it works:
  1. We all contribute to the Scholarship Fund.
  2. Homeless Garden Project volunteers, trainees, staff and community partners pick the fruits and vegetables.
  3. Boxes of produce are shared with children, families and seniors via ten local nonprofits.
  4. Our community is stronger, healthier and more connected!

Past partnerships include:

  • 180/2020
  • Davenport Resource Center
  • Santa Cruz AIDS Project
  • Women's Crisis Support/Defensa de Mujeres
  • River Street Shelter
  • Transition Age Youth (TAY)
  • Homeless Persons Health Project
  • Veterans Administration Supportive Housing
  • Bouquets of flowers to Hospice of Santa Cruz County.

Donations to the CSA Fund are fully tax-deductible.

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